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When asked I know nothing about nothing... [entries|friends|calendar]

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life... [13 Aug 2007|03:40pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So here’s how it is for me: I’m just one of the guys for the most part. Sometimes it has it’s perks I mean they talk freely in front of me and to me because they’re comfortable enough to do so and we flirt with each other and say things that don’t really have any meaning it’s just all fun and games. But sometimes I wish they would take notice to the fact that I am a girl and sometimes I just want them to say hey you look good today, I mean I don’t take compliments too well but I’d smile and be happy because they’re my friends and they noticed the little things but they are guys and they don’t tend to notice things like that. I do dress up in booby showing shirts every once in a while to get their attention but that’s as far as it goes. Shannon told me this morning I’m a tease and I guess you could say I am but there are worst things out there than that. I mean yea I do tease my guy friends but they don’t take it badly. I don’t know what to do. I asked Jerred a hypothetical question, of what do you do when you’re just one of the guys and you like one of your friends more than just a friend, and he told me that he could make it happen, and that I should hang out with him more often just the two of us. In response I told him it’s kind of hard to do that because our schedules make it quite difficult. I wasn’t talking about someone in particular I was just asking a general hypothetical question. I think that if you have a friend who doesn’t really notice you in that way you should ask yourself first: is it worth losing you friendship over if it doesn’t work out? But then again if it doesn’t work out and you still can’t be friends afterwards you weren’t too good of friends in the first place right? Second ask yourself: can you really see the two of you together in a relationship other than friendship if so you need to discuss how you feel about the other person and be prepared for whatever the answer may be I mean they might just want to be friends you have to be prepared to deal with that or they might say okay let’s have a go at being more you have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself when engaging in things like that. Well I guess I’m done with my rambling.


[25 May 2007|10:03am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm a rambler. Which makes life quite interesting. I'm hella random. For those who know me well know my moments of totally oblivious randomness for example: words are my friends. Another one is when Stac had hiccups in Winco, and I said uhhhh...boo. It was totally random.


[16 May 2007|09:06pm]
i'm in a predicament. tina wants me to go to her wedding reception on saturday in anderson, and cristian wants me to go to her birfday party at whiskeytown. she also invited me to dinner on friday and since i get off at 5 instead of 7 i might be able to make an appearance at the dinner because i'm too broke to actually sit and order something. i might be able to do both i mean she'll be at whiskeytown all day long because she's going camping, and i can go to tina's thing for a few hours if that you know just to congratulate her and wilson even though i'm not too fond of wilson. i'm not sure yet. i talked to lloyd about it and he told me no because i got invited to two parties where i can get drunk. i know that tina isn't about to let me drink and i'm not about to drink and drive, and crisitan knows i'm not going to drink and drive and i'm not about to be irresponsible and drink and drive because i know better than that. lloyd told me i can go to hayfork for the weekend because he can't stay this weekend because he told his people that he doesn't live in redding and if he stays for the weekend then they'll know and he'll have to pay for the hotel out of his pocket. i told him i don't have any money, and that i'm gonna put gas in my car tomorrow i might even just go to hayfork. i'm so confused. i mean i want to spend more time with lloyd, but tina wants me to go to her wedding reception i mean it's not like she'll miss me she's gonna have so many people there wanting her attention. as for cristian i want to go spend some time with her because i haven't really hung out with her for like ages. but then again she'll have hella people there for her birfday too. so i'm not sure what i'm gonna do. if i have anything worth writing then i'll let you know to all my loyal readers have a great night and don't forget to tip your waiters. later days. peace.


[09 May 2007|07:39pm]
[ mood | hot ]

So me, Sarah, and Lisa had to go to Sacramento for a meeting today. We got there like 10 or so minutes late because we got lost. Whatever dude I don’t care. The fat bald guy yelled at us again today and he got Misty and Melanie all types of pissed off and they were hella nice to us last meeting they were hella bitchy; but I guess we all banded together against the fat one as I like to call him. The only thing we discussed was what we were doing wrong which seemed like everything if you ask me. I did learn how to do daily paperwork and Sarah learned how to do numbers only because me and Sarah told Misty and Melanie that we didn’t know how to do it, and Tina is going to be leaving for her vacation for her wedding next Wednesday. Other than learning how to do paperwork I felt that the meeting was a big waste of time but I did get 2 hours of overtime for it and that’s all that really matters to me.

I feel like I accomplished a lot today because I paid my car payment and I paid Allied Cash Advance back the shitty part I had to re-borrow so that I would have gas money for the week and some money until my next pay day which is on the 24th I have to pay for my insurance with that check which is $136, and I’m gonna have to pay for my cell phone it’s going to be like 9 days late unless Oscar can pay for it or unless I re-borrow money again to pay it off which ever it is I know it’ll get paid, but better late than never. 

Well I guess that’s all for now. If there is anything worth writing about I’ll be sure to let you know. To all my loyal readers good night and don’t forget to tip your waiters. Later days. Peace.


[03 May 2007|10:00pm]
so i thought i was dying yesterday because i had a hole in the side of my throat come to find out after going to the doctor's i'm totally fine and that is what my tonsils are supposed to look like it's just that my left one is really big and my right one is a lot smaller and what looks like a hole is the covering of my right tonsil. so i totally freaked out for nothing.

the screen on my phone is totally freakin' screwed up tomorrow i'm going to verizon to see what the hell is wrong with it. if they cant fix it and they say i'm gonna have to just get a new one i'll just wait a month until we qualify for new phones then i won't have to worry about it, i mean my phone still works it calls and texts lloyd at least and that's all that matters if it didnt' call or text anyone else in the world i couldn't care less because they're not as important as lloyd is. i just wish he knew that. i mean sometimes he second guesses my love for him and it makes me hella angry and sad that he would think that my friends are more important when they're not at all if he asked me to never speak to any of my friends ever again i wouldn't it's as simple as that. i would just write them off like i wrote jae and travis off. my friends are not as or never will be as important to me in my life as lloyd is and always will be. he's the one that has always and will continue to always be there for me not matter what. and i really need to treat him better. he takes a lot of shit from me and he still sticks around i really need to take his feelings into consideration like when i talked to travis i didn't consider how that would make lloyd feel because he thought i was trying to get back with him and i wasn't by no means. i was trying to hurt travis in any way i possibly could because he hurt lloyd by trying to take me away and i will never allow any boy to take me away from lloyd because no boy in this world or any other for that matter is worth losing lloyd over. i'm a bad person for the way i treat lloyd there is no excuse for it and i will start treating him like the prince he is. because he deserves so much more and i'm just glad that he doesn't leave me for someone who will treat him how he deserves to be treated.

i got all of my bills figured out and i know that i have to borrow money from allied cash advance to pay for the gas card this month so they dont charge me a late fee and then i can't use it and then it makes mom's credit even shitter. i think that if i continue to pay it on time everytime it will some what a little bit make mom's credit better. and now that i have it to where i can pay it online it'll be easier to pay it on time. well that's all for now. i'll write again when i have anything worth writing about. to my loyal readers thank you have a good night and don't forget to tip your waitress. later days. peace.


[30 Apr 2007|10:07pm]
so today was more stressful that it really should have been. it's all because tina causes more stress because she panics over little things like all the calls getting done before 12. well when i got there at 10 this morning, she said she was going to do all of the calls and it'll all be done by 2 pm. well they didn't get finished until closing today. i'm just very happy that i work 8-5 tomorrow, then 10-7 on wednesday, then 8-5 thursday and friday and have saturday and sunday off.

i'm just so excited i just can't hide it. i mean she has to give me this weekend off because she can't give me wednesday off because she needs me to close with her since shannon opens and sarah has that day off, she can't give me thursday off because it's the 3rd and it's going to be hella busy and no one gets friday off for some reason, and she can't have me work 6 days in a row. today sarah was all who has this weekend off i told her i did and she said what no way, you had last weekend off i said i told you that last week.  i'm hella excited about having this weekend off because lloyd is going to be able to come home this weekend because sprague is going to give him some money for gas to take him home and bring him back on sunday night for work on monday. i told lloyd i'm gonna have to stay at his house he said what?! no! because everyone is going to be home this weekend, i told him well you don't want to come to my house so i'm gonna hve to go to your's. i don't know what we're gonna do it's not like we can really go out because we're some broke ass mother fuckers. i really have to figure out what i'm going to do with all my bills. i mean i get paid on the 10th and that's when my car payment is due, my insurance is due on the 14th and i don't know how much it's going to be and the cell phone bill is $91 but i don't really know because i bought some credits for ringtones and i only bought one so far but i have 3 more credits which is 1 ringtone with words and 1 without.

i talked to amanda dawn from oklahoma. she told me that gloria is pregnant with brandon pelton's baby supposedly; ashli block is pregnant, daton just turned 2 in feb. her and paul are trying to save money so they can get married next spring. well that's all for now. i'll update later if there's anything worth it.


[29 Apr 2007|11:23pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i totally got to hang out with lloyd this weekend, without any interruptions or rather little to no interruptions because mom and chase went to yuba city for a 2 day assembly. friday after work amanda called me when i was in the parking lot of the bank dropping off a deposit and she asked me what i was doing. i told her i was at the bank dropping off  deposit she asked me what i was doing afterwards i said getting my nails done, going to showtime renting a movie and going home and kicking it there. she said oh well never mind i said why what's up she asked if could watch yuno cuz ryan was working until 9 and her granma had to have surgery and she had to go see her in the hospital, and lori couldn't watch him until her or ryan could get him, so i told her i would watch him because i was only gonna go home and watch a movie and kick it at home. she said omg you're a lifesaver, i'll come and pick him up after i'm done. i got my nails done and then went to lori's and picked him up. he does not like the kennel not one little bit. but i had to have him in it because i was by myself. so on my way home i stopped at showtime they didn't have my movie i wanted to i went to shopko and bought it i'm glad i did because it turned out to be a good movie. anywho, amanda came and got him later on he was so good i was surprised because lori told me he doesn't mind and he's a little shit, but he was hella good for me. i told amanda anytime she needs a babysitter just give me a call and i'll see what i can do. she said well i didn't even think of you because you're not allowed to have dogs i told her we're not allowed to own dogs because the landlord doesn't want them to dig up the yard and yuno is too little still to do much damage to our yard so he's fine and aunty kylee would be happy to watch him whenever.

saturday we (me and lloyd) roadtripped it to sac for the day it was hella fun we ddn't sit at home all day like we usually do. we went and ate at q  & q hawaiian bbq like the one down by clinton's house and we also ate adalberto's. we walked around arden fair mall and we saw a movie. it was pretty fun. i told him we should road trip it as our weekends or time together. he said it sounds like a good idea. i told him i want to go to china town in san francisco, he doesn't know it but we're going to walk over the golden gate bridge and go to golden gate park and have a picnic the reason why i say he doesn't know yet is because he's scared of heights and it'll take some coaxing to get him to take me. also i told him i want to go to reno and check it out there. our next trip is going to be to bend, or because they have a kona mix plate up there owned by the same lady who owns the one in kona, by dominos where chad used to work. they have hella bomb lunch plates. plus we're gonna go shopping because up in orgeon they don't have sales taxes so things will be much cheaper to buy plus since it's a different state they have different stores with different fashions and gizmos and gadgets they don't have here. i'm hella excited.

 today we went to grand buffet for lunch and i bought him some food for the week. and we sat around here for a bit. omg, i saw the pirate box that jerred's making for stacy he wants to tell her personally i think he should surprise her with it after it's all finished i just think it'll be better for her not to know until he's ready to give it to her. but that's just me. it's a lot bigger than i thought it was going to be i know he gave me the dimensions yesterday on the phone but i'm a very visual person. it's 3 ft. long, 2 ft. high, and 2 ft. wide. it's a good size box.

omg!!! i'm very super excited because i talked to oscar a bit ago and he told me that he's going to be able to see me this weekend because sprague is going to but gas in his car so he can take him home i'm hella excited because at first we thought we weren't going to see each other this weekend i was hella sad but now i'm hella excited. oh plus i'm excited for another reason. stacy found out that she can share her lifetime music download with any computer because all she has to do is log onto the website and download it to that computer so she gave me her name and password and i downloaded it to my computer, so now i have lifetime music downloading for free and it's legal because stacy paid $39.99 one payment for life. it's very exciting. well i guess that's all for now i should be getting to bed it's getting late, if i have anything else worthy enough to write about you'll be the first to know. to all my loyal readers thank you, have a good night, be safe, and don't forget to tip your waitress. later days. peace. i'm out.


OMFG!! [24 Apr 2007|10:51pm]
so work was kinda crazy today. it was pretty freakin' awesome because tina wasn't there and everything is always chill and laid back when she's not there for the simple fact that she's kinda bitchy. i mean every girl can be but her's goes beyond the norm. plus i freakin could've killed sarah because she fucked up the money by not marking someone paid on the computer so it said we were $300 over but we really weren't i freaked out a little because all of the money was in my name and i was doing a carryover and i didn't want it to be off like that for the morning person which just so happens to be tina because shannon called in sick today and she'll probably be too sick to open tomorrow. but whatever. i think tina wrote the schedule wrong for tomorrow it says i work from 9-7 with an hour lunch that's 9 hours meaning i think it's wrong, especially since we're not supposed to get overtime. i really hope my check is pretty this week because i have a shit load of bills to pay off; it comes to a total of: $383.76, not including getting my nails done or the money i still owe my mom who is still not on speaking terms with me right now. again whatever. she'll get over it eventually i just hate how i'm so freakin' responsible it is not a good thing. i mean if i was more like the other kids she would expect things like that to happen and often but since i'm responsible and called earlier that night but  ell asleep on the couch and had to go work the next morning when i woke up she expects more from me. god i hate it, i can't wait until i move out and i can do whatever the fuck i want without getting the silent treatment. i mean lloyd doesn't like me staying out to all hours of the night but at least he still talks to me, at least he's still mature enough to discuss his dislikes with me so that i can work on them.

i wish i was a little kid again, the only thing you had to worry about back then was not getting too close to boys because they had cooties, and being home in time for dinner, and waking up early on saturday for all the cool cartoons and the power rangers the original one of course. well i guess that's all for now. if i find i have more to rant about i'll be sure to let you know. to all my loyal readers out there thank you and take care. later days. peace.


[22 Apr 2007|07:20pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so it's been a long while since i've update this thing. a lot has happened since the last entry. for example: i have a 2004 ford taurus named smurfette, i no longer work at F.Y.E. i no longer hate amanda, and neither does sunshine, speaking of sunshine she has a job too, at fashion bug which to me is funny that she works in retail because she hates people but so far she likes it there, she doesn't know how bad it can get until she's been there through christmas, i make a good amount of money at my new job; which is at check into cash on lake blvd. next to raley's and shopko.

funny thing  i hate it, i've only been there for like a month and a 1/2 and i hate it with a passion, it's a very hypocritical, stupid stressful work environment. i hate a lot of the customers that come in because they're freakin' rude to me even though i'm just tryin to do my job. sometimes i feel like i'm in a child care place because it feels like i have to babysit them and make them do things that they should do on their own like take responsibility for their shit. like when they take out a loan with us they sign a freakin' contract saying that they are going to come in at a certain time on their pay day to pay us back and they should come in and pay us off and we'd be fine and freakin' dandy but no they don't so then we have to work collections and call them and everyone they put down as references to try and get a hold of them to get this taken care of. i'm freakin 18 years old and i'm calling up grown ass people to tell them to come in and pay their fuckin bill it's absolutely freakin' ridiculous.

i think the only good thing about this job is i get paid mileage. for example if i do any kind of driving for the company i get paid like 40 cents a mile. it doesn't sound like a lot but if i have to drive to the banks in the morning it's like 10 miles round trip, coming to like $4 for one trip to the bank. if i were to open every day i worked that's like $20 extra bucks a week just going to the banks in the morning time. plus if i ever have to go to a meeting in sacramento i wanna drive because then i get the mileage; at .40 cents a mile and it's like 350 miles it's like $140 extra bucks. which comes in handy when your car payment alone is: $336.20, not including car insurance. plus i have to pay for my cell phone bill, clearwire, gas, groceries, and kylee money. well i guess that's all for now. if i think of anything else to rant about i'll be sure to let you know. to all my loyal readers: later days and peace out.


Life in 2007 [01 Jan 2007|01:20pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

This year is starting out to be an alright year so far. I feel like there's a lot of good things to come this year. I'm looking into getting a car. The car I'm looking into getting is an automatic 91' Camaro it needs some work on the transmission because one of the linkage things is bent, but it still runs and it starts really well. The a/c and heater works as well. I'm so excited about it I know it's a Camaro and I don't even like those but hey it's a car. Plus since it's a sports car I know the insurance will be a bit more expensive but it will be my car, totally mine; I won't have to pay for it with the exception of fixing some things on it. Then I'll save up to move out. Life isn't perfect by any means but it does seem to be looking up. Now that I'm getting a car I'm going to have to look into getting a better job to pay for my car. Working only 21 hours is not enough to pay for the bills I have now, so I need to find something that makes more hours.

these are my bills:
1. clearwire
2. cell phone
3. groceries
4. insurance (on mom's car)

To other people it may not seem like a lot but to me it is especially since I'm not making enough to do everything.

I think things are starting to look better and better even though my job kind of blows right now I know I can suck it up and stick it out. Because if I keep this job for at least 6 months - 1 year then I'll have that much experience of being a manager under my belt and that looks good on any application or resume. So what I think I'm going to have to do is: just get a part-time job that way I'll be able to make a little bit more money. It just makes me mad that I was hired on as a full-time employee, but they're working me as a part-time employee because we have too many people.  But, if we got rid of Robert who was supposed to be seasonal we'd have more hours for the rest of us.

I have a brilliant idea: I'm going to just suck it up and make do with the changes Jill has made. For example: I'm going to not call Jill for "stupid" things, but I will call her if we're $3 or more dollars short, I'll call her if I need help with something even if I know she doesn't know the answer that way she can "help" me solve it and if she can't then she can give me permission to call another store. I guess it's not okay to call Becca's store to ask them something when I don't know because Becca's not my boss and neither is Jenn (Becca's store manager) I'm supposed to call Jill. I'll write my name on a piece of paper and put it in the drawer I was on, I'm going to count the drawer twice to double check it, I'll count the safe twice to double check it, I'll even count the deposit twice to double check it; that way there are no more money discrepancies at least on my part any way. She can't blame me for missing money if:
A.) I didn't work that day
B.) I do exactly what she wants me to and I double triple check things to make sure that things are okay

I think that's all for now. I've vented about work and I gloated about my car. I'm good, but if there's anything else I'll be sure to write. Later days. Peace.


Dear God work sucks... [27 Dec 2006|10:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So I'm fed up with work. Jill is freaking insane and I so don't like her any more. I had my second thoughts at first then I liked her now I straight up can't stand her. I think Becca should come back and stay and be our manager. I think that I should get promoted to 1st assistant, Cris should get 2nd, Donna should get lead sales, we should fire Matt and Robert who is ungrateful and crappy. Cris went out on a limb and got him a job at our store and now he's talking shit on Cris and he treats everyone like shit. He bosses Donna and Nick around and he gets into the safe whenever he wants to which is not okay on any level. He needs to quit his shit right now, and Jill thinks he's god sent. But of course he's not.

Plus, the other day I was totally sick, like throwing up all night and during the day and Patrick told Jill that if I could walk I could work. But of course I couldn't even walk. He even had Becca call me to make sure that I was actually sick, not just calling in so I didn't have to work. Cris and Donna were going to Chico because they were scheduled off so they made plans but Jill was trying to call them because she needed someone to come in but Cris didn't have her phone on her because she forgot it at her friends house the night before and when she got it back it was too late. But Jill was all pissy because she didnt' know the whole story and she just thought that they were ignoring the phone call. It just made mad that Jill got pissy because like I told my mom we're not doctors we're not on call, plus no one's going to die if we don't come to work on our day off. I don't know about you but I don't spend my days off waiting by the phone thinking that I might possibly get called in to work. I'm seriously thinking about finding another job. Plus I have manager experience now. Lloyd told me to hold on to this job for a little bit so it will look better on an application or resume which ever works.

Another thing is: I have a cold now. The other day my throat was really dry and I drank some water but it still didnt' help and it hurt like a bitch. Now my throat isn't dry and it doesn't hurt. BUT, my nose is stuffy and my voice is all "sick" sounding and stuff. But whatever, I guess. It's not that big of a deal, at least I'm not throwing up any more.

But on the flip side: I got new boots that only cost me $32.16. There the same kind that Cris bought except that they're much cheaper. I totally didn't copy her because I wanted them since last winter but Lloyd told me that they were ugly and not to get them. He said again that they're ugly but he said that I could do whatever I wanted and if I wanted to get them I could. So I did, I'm so excited, at first I tried on a size 8 but it was too big, and they didn't have any size smaller. But this lady who wanted a size 6 which they didn't have was returning a size 7 so I got those ones. Yay!!! They're so comfy. Anywho, I guess that's all for now. If anything of importance happens or if i get bored later. I'll be sure to write. Later days. Peace.


dude!!! V Mars was insane!!! [28 Nov 2006|11:05pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

OH MY GOD!!! Veronica Mars was freaking insane in the membrane as the saying goes. OH MY GOD!!! I can’t believe how it all went down. I think I’m going to have to watch it again just to make sure, that’s how freaking awesome it was.

But here’s the sad news: I think I’m getting sick. Today my throat hurt me and my throat only hurts when I’m about to get sick plus I felt like throwing up for a second twice during the day. I think that could’ve been because I didn’t get anything to eat until I went and grabbed my bag of chips and started munching on them.  I don’t know though. Jerred stopped by and helped us out today he also got me cough drops which was extremely nice because after he brought them back my throat started feeling better but now it’s not so hot, but I could be because I was yelling the television like I always do while watching my television shows. I just can’t help it though my shows are so freaking drama filled that it makes me excited and I start to yell my opinions at the T.V. that’s why I’m not allowed to watch T.V. in the living room no one appreciates me yelling at the T.V. I can’t wait until tomorrow for America’s Next Top Model, and then Thursday which is when my beloved O.C. comes on. I can’t believe Taylor, she’s got the hots for Ryan. I’m kind of angry that I have to wait until Jan. 22nd to see my husband on Prison Break. Well I guess that’s all for now. If anything worth writing about happens you’ll be sure to know. Later days. Peace.


OMG!! [27 Nov 2006|10:39pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

So I totally watched my husband on T.V. and I can’t even wait until Jan. 22 for the next episode of Prison Break. This episode was so freaking awesome I can’t even fathom how the others episodes of the season are going to top this one. The bad guy told Michael and Lincoln the reason he was helping them was because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend“. Oh my god!!! It is so crazy how things are happening on my show, I’m so freaking excited.

Okay so now to the kind of sad news: I interviewed a guy today and he just isn’t going to work out. He doesn’t seem like a motivated person. He seems kind of bland and not bouncy enough to sell the Backstage Passes we need, or to promote gift cards, or get people to sign up for magazines. I just feel like me and Cristian can do better and have better associates, like Donna who in my opinion is freaking awesome and I’m so glad that she got hired.

If it weren’t for Cristian and Donna I honestly don’t think working there would be worth it. Because Matt and Teryn just don’t care about our store like me and Cristian do, and that makes me sad because I know that we can do better than this. I know our store can kick ass. I mean we sold 5 Backstage Passes on Black Friday if everyone tried like that everyday we would be kicking ass and we would be in the top.

Today I sold a Backstage Pass and I got one magazine. I know I could have gotten more magazines but at least I got one, that should be a sign for a good week. I think if I sell at least one Backstage Pass a day then I’ll have 5 for the week, and at least 2 magazines a day then I’ll have 10 for the week, except I only got 1 magazine today meaning I’ll have to get at least 3 tomorrow to make up for today. And if everyone followed this dictate then we’d have 5 Backstage Passes for me and Cristian for this week, 4 for Matt, and 3 for Donna, and at least 2 for Teryn. As for magazines: 10 for me and Cristian, 8 for Matt, 6 for Donna and 4 for Teryn depending. Equaling a total of (for just this week):
19 Backstage Passes
42 Magazines

That is freaking savage. But I know for a fact that, that’s is not how it’s going to go down. Me, Cristian and Donna are going to be the only ones that even try and sometimes succeed. But I believe if Teryn comes to our side I know we can kick ass, even though she doesn’t work as often as the rest of us do at least with her help we’d have some help because there is no hope left for Matt. I also believe if Kelsey, Cristian and Donna’s friend gets the store manager position then she’ll definitely be on our side and she seems like someone that can help our store succeed. And that makes me happy, extremely happy, we just need to motivate the people we do have to do better.


blah blah blah [24 Nov 2006|12:10am]
[ mood | awake ]

So I have some exciting news and some laugh your ass off news.

Exciting first: Parker is in the hospital having her baby!!! Yay! That is very exciting. I’m way happy for her I hope all goes well. Okay are you ready for the laugh your ass off news? I don’t think so but here goes:

I ran into Alex (the short one) and she told me that Eric is coming back for a visit and that after school he and Lara are getting married. It was the funniest thing I heard all day long. I honestly didn’t think that they were going to last after he left for college in Denver. But I guess it did, I honestly thought he’d be like well it was fun while it lasted I’ll never forget about you, but I’m in college now and I have to study a lot and I don’t want or need to be distracted by thinking about you all the time or what you’re doing and whatever. Some lame excuse to break up with her and be a wild college guy. But I guess I was mistaken. To me in my mind all boys want is to get in your pants and after they do so they’re done and they go looking for another girl to do the same with them. I just assumed that Eric either already got in hers and is done or he’s tired of waiting so he’d be gone off looking for some drunk freshmen to make it with.

Which brings me back to the topic I was discussing with Sunshine the other day on the phone. I asked her if she would rather wonder how thing could’ve or would’ve ended up or try and things end badly. She surprised me by saying try it out to see. But after I think about it I’m actually not surprised at all because that’s exactly what she’s doing with Jerred. Cory was the wondering one and Jerred is the one where she is trying it out to see where things will go. I think that they’ll be together either forever or at least a good long while. I think if anything happens it’ll be on Stacy’s part. She’s not really used to being happy, it’s kind of a foreign feeling to her. But now that’s she’s accepted the fact that she really likes Jerred to the point of loving him on an intimate boyfriend, girlfriend level it might be different, but I still think that if anything were to happen it would be because she did it. Jerred to me is in it for the long haul and that’s what scares Sunshine.

Personally I like wondering. Reason being is you get your fairy tale ending in your dreams. When you wonder you are allowed to imagine things how you want them to be not instead of how things really are. I believe that everyone deserves some happiness in their lives. But sometimes it just takes a little longer for people to find their happiness, but everyone gets there eventually even if it’s only for a little while at least you got to experience it for as long as you did.

Well I hope all goes well tomorrow, which is Black Friday (the busiest days of the year). I’m just hoping that Matt doesn’t freak out and do something stupid. I have to close with him on Saturday. I’m kind of bummed about that. He’s such an idiot. It seems like he can’t really do anything right. I mean the way he schedules people is ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous Patrick is ridiculous. We currently are without a store manager and me and Cristian are expected to run the store without any assistance or guidance to speak of. WTF?! We are only 18 years old we’ve never managed a store before in our lives and we’re expected to do everything. I don’t think so.

Damn it I have to interview that guy, and afterwards me and Cristian are going to discuss what we think and decide together if we’re going to hire him. On top of that I have to do 3 conference calls. Damn it!!! But whatever I think he seems like an alright guy and that he could be an asset to me and Cristian. But I could be mistaken. He could be a total douche bag and not someone we want to work for us. I just hope that Kelsey, Cristian and Donna’s friend gets hired as our store manager. No more double shifts for me or Cristian and we don’t have to suffer Matt’s crappy scheduling. YAY!!! I guess that’s all for now. If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you know. Later days. Peace.


[18 Nov 2006|10:36pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

OH MY GOD!!! I can't even begin to explain how I feel or how stupid Matt really and truly is. I just can't wait until I can explain everything to Patrick and unload all my frustrations and anger about everything that Matt is not doing right or not doing at all. I think he should relinquish the power to make the schedule to me and Cristian since everything else is left for us to do why not the schedule as well? I mean we're managing the store 3 days out of the week. We're the ones that are bringing up the selling of Backstage Passes, magazines, and cherry pick. I don't understand why we can't make the schedule we'd do it a lot better to the needs of the customer as well as everything else. Patrick stresses scheduling for the customers. Having Donna not work until Black Friday which is the busiest day of the year for retail stores is not scheduling for the customer, because how is she supposed to be able to help the customer if she's only worked for 2 days before Black Friday? That's right it's not. Having her train as much as she possibly can before Black Friday is scheduling for the customer so that way she's better equipped to assist the customer in any way possible. Patrick is going to get an earful on Monday. I hope he's ready, but of course he won't be because he doesn't know what's going to happen beforehand because he might not come in if he does know. Well I guess that's all for now. I'll write later if anything else comes up. Later days. Peace.


[15 Nov 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So I totally sold a Backstage Pass today to a Mexican guy. It was so freaking grand. Let me tell you what. I also got a special order, and I also sold one quick fix (it repairs minor scratches on CDs and DVDs). That means that we sold 3 BSPs this week, I got like 2 special orders yesterday and a final pre-sale meaning we’re doing better and it’s no thanks to Matt or Teryn. It seems like Becky leaves and we are right back where we started except me and Cristian are no longer going to allow our store to suck ass any more, we’re putting a stop to it. We’re getting better and that’s only between me and Cristian. Imagine if Matt and Teryn actually tried, we could be kicking ass in all areas and we wouldn’t be on the bottom and sucking in everything anymore. I mean how can they expect four people to rock in all areas? They’re crazy but at least if Matt and Teryn gave as much as me and Cristian are then we’d be pretty freaking awesome. I think that if we (me and Cristian continue to work on our cherry pick we can do it and bring it up) I don’t expect much from Matt or Teryn.

For two reasons:
1.) Matt doesn’t do what he’s supposed to half of the time; he and Teryn are supposed to at least sticker the new releases so that all me and Cristian have to do is: sale price it and put it out. Also because he is in charge of making the schedule he should schedule people the right way, not having them be by themselves for 7 hours because we have to stay within the certain amount of hours we’re allotted each week.

2.) Teryn doesn’t do anything but push backs. So there is no reason to expect her to do anything more than that. I mean I don’t understand why she can’t try and sell Backstage Passes, try and get people to sign up for magazines, and sell quick fixes to help with our cherry pick.

It’s not a hard feat to accomplish. You just have to be persuasive but not pushy. You have to talk up the items at hand so that people become interested in the things we have to say. For example:

Backstage Pass yes it does cost money but you are never to tell them it cost $25 because that’s not true you save on it that minute. Say the customer’s total is: $200 the total for their Backstage Pass is only $5 to save 10% for the entire year and 20% on their birthday. After their interest is peaked then you tell them a little more about the product. If you tell them too much at first it puts them off and they don’t want it. But if you peak their interest first and get them to bite then you explain a bit more of the perks they get such as: it’s good on everything in the store at all of our stores, and even on sales. Most of our new releases are sale priced and you save 10% on the sale price every time on every item you buy. The card pays it’s self off.

Magazines: they’re free for 2 months no obligation. The magazine company will send you a card in the mail inquiring if you would like to subscribe all you have to do is send the card in or you could call the number on the brochure, it’s an automated menu and it’s take 5 minutes.

Quick fixes: they’re only $1, and it cleans up to 10 CDs or DVDs. Repairs scratches, cleans smudges, fingerprints, keeps you from using your shirt which causes minor scratches.

So that’s my little spiel on how things at work are going. I KNOW for a fact we can do better its just seems like Matt and Teryn don’t really care about doing well. Me and Cristian are all about getting OUR store up in the top rankings. Well I guess that’s all for now. Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving. Later days. Peace.


[12 Nov 2006|11:42pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So it's been a little while since I’ve updated: a full 5 days or so. I’ve been alright I guess. I’m still annoyed about the work situation. I think that Patrick needs to hire a store manager and soon because they have to be trained well enough to manage the store on their own under any situation such as being packed with pushy customers who are in a hurry to continue with their other Christmas shopping. Plus after he finally hires a store manager life will be so much easier because no one will have to work doubles any longer because store managers work 40 hours a week. Plus I will possibly have the days off I originally wanted when I applied for the job in the first place: Fridays and Saturdays. The reason Cristian and I have Sunday and Thursday off is because Matt says he needs all the key holders in the store on the weekend which I think is bullshit. But when we finally get a store manager we won’t have any need for all of the key holders to be in the store at one time on the weekend.

I’m just excited for next week’s paycheck because this week goes on next weeks paycheck and this week I made 40 regular hours and 3 hours overtime, plus I sold a Helio phone and I get $15 for selling one, I’m hoping that my commission will go on my next paycheck. If not that’s cool because I still made 40 regular hours and 3 overtime. Last Fridays paycheck was only 31 regular hours and like 2 overtime hours and I made $225 and some odd cents. So just imagine how much money I made working 40 regular hours and 3 overtime hours. Happy Feet comes out on Friday and Sunday me and Lloyd are going to go see it and go to brunch on my ticket because I’ll have such a savage paycheck. I’m so excited. 

I hope that Matt and Teryn got around to at least  price stickering  the new releases so all me and Cristian have to do is sale price it and put it out on the floor for tomorrow. If they didn’t Cristian and I are going to be highly pissed off with them because we told them last week to do it and they didn’t so Cristian and I were stuck with doing everything. Yay for us! NOT!  But whatever, I’m just glad that I figured out my username and password for this website because if I didn’t I would  be freaking lost. It makes me happy to know that I can log on and type away all my anger and frustrations. It made me think of Sunshine when I logged on because she told me that her mom told her she should keep a diary so that her mom could find it and read it. Then I thought of this and I realized that this is like a diary but the only difference is everyone who has an account for this site can read it. But the great thing about it is: everyone is all about www.myspace.com these days and they have totally forgotten about this so that is good because I would feel a little bad if Sunshine or Jerred read this because I complain about the whole situation in here. But whatever, I feel like I should be able to relieve my stress and frustrations of my life into my journal without having to worry. But I guess that’s all for now. Thank you for listening. Later dayz. Peace.


[07 Nov 2006|11:00pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so things with me are alright. i'm kind of stressing out because of work but what's new? we're sucking ass in all areas of business. we need to hella work on our cherry pick. cherry pick is when customers come in and leave with only one item. so we have to push add ons. such as; those CD cleaners, mints, bracelets (that no one has ever bought), hats for like a penny that no one buys either. BSPs count towards our cherry pick as well because it's $25. I really enjoy working there, but like every job there are things i don't like about there: stupid customers. i absolutely hate stupid people and sometimes i want to reach over the counter and knock some sense into them. it just frustrates me sometimes. i feel like i should be able to do more than i can. i need to ask people for help all the time and i feel like there should be more people there to train me instead of becca being there for like a week when i first got hired then leaving. patrick needs to hire a freakin' store manager and quickly. i'm tired of me and cristian having to fend for ourselves and do everything because we don't have proper management. plus i'm sick and tired of matt's scheduling process. i understand that he's not the store manager and that he is in fact attending school but that should not matter because he's not the only one that 's going to school. teryn is still in high school and legally can only work 20 hours a week, cristian also goes to school on tuesdays and thursdays if she has to work after school and every day after how in the hell is she expected to do her school work which to me seems a bit more important. but that's just me. i guess that's all for now. if i have anything else to add you'll be sure to know. later dayz. peace.


[03 Nov 2006|01:19am]
[ mood | stressed ]

dude it's been a while and i'm going crazy. i really should update this thing more often. i have so much to type about.

first things first: cristian and ryan:
cristian has a huge mondo crush on ryan and has for like ever because they went to school together. the problem is: amanda, plus cristian is a little shy around boys she likes, but she's getting better around ryan; i'm very proud of her. as for amanda she's like attached to ryan at the hip, but me and jerred are going to try our best to get cristian with ryan. my reasons is: i want crisitian to be happy and i want to free ryan from his current situation. he doesn't like amanda the way she's obsessively in love with him.

second thing is work:
work is so crazy. when i got the job becky asked me the days of unavailability is fridays and saturdays. she asked me if i can't work at all i told her if i absolutely have to then i will but if it's possible for me to have those days off then that's cool. absolutely have to is: someone is sick and can't work and they can't get anyone else to cover the shift. i got one friday and saturday off because becky wrote the schedule. no one else understands that i can't work on fridays and saturdays, i want those days off for two reasons:

1.) those are the days that Lloyd has off and it's the only time i get to spend with him
2.) chase works on those days and since we only have one car it's hard for us to juggle everyone's schedules especially since my hours are never the same

on next week's schedule matt only scheduled himself for 34 hours whereas  i work a full 40, cristian and teryn both work 37 1/2 and since teryn is still in highschool she's not supposed to work more than like 20 or something like that. what makes me mad is cristian told him that i need those days off because i'm going out of town and he told her no i'm not. well tomorrow i'm going to tell him that i'm going to have to work on thursday and have friday off because of a family thing,  besides it seems like everyone is scheduled to work on friday and you don't need all those people to close the store. to close you only need 2 people, because one person can't drop the deposit by themself. i think it's ridiculous that he only scheduled himself 34 hours whereas the rest of us are scheduled for more.

 i think that me and cristian deserve a promotion for the shit we have to put up with. i swear, it's fucking ridiculous. i had to work a double on monday because patrick didn't give cristian keys, she was scheduled to open by herself, but she couldn't open the store because of the lack of keys so she had to come and pick me up and i had to open the store for her and i didn't want to leave her by herself in case she got slammed, so  becky said i could work a double, like clock in at 10 and stay until closing that night. well when courtney got there at 2 i asked if i could work a split instead of a double so that there wouldn't be hella overtime. she asked me when i would come back i said at 5 which is when i was originally scheduled to start. but she told me that i had to stay because she had  conference call at 3, so i had to stay until closing. then wednesday morning courtney called me because she couldn't get the safe open. and tonight i had to go down there to help cristian fix the safe because it wouldn't close and then she found out she was like $99.67 off because patrick tried to ring up a special order and cds on the same thing, and he didn't post void it all the way and because the customer used cash there is no store copy of a receipt, so now someone has to come in and redo the system or something so they can get the receipt and fix the problem. cristian was like crying because she doesn't want to lose her job because patrick did something wrong. i told her that patrick is no longer allowed to touch the register. i don't care if he's the fucking king of the universe, or if there are like 20 customers they can wait in line or go else where, he needs to leave our registers alone especially if we're ultimately responsible in the end for whatever he did. this is unnecessary stress for me, i don't need this shit. i'm only 18 years old, and i haven't worked there for very long only like a few weeks.  matt should have to deal with this, i mean he is responsible for making the schedule so ultimately he should be responsible for things. plus he's been working there longer, that should mean something right? having to work overtime doesn't bother me what bothers me is they take into consideration everyone else's needs as to when they need off except for me. i told them when i started there i couldn't work fridays and saturdays unless a dire emergency. it's fucking ridiculous. i don't get to see Lloyd because matt doesn't want to give me the days off i told them i wanted from the very beginning on the application in fact.

life is just shitty. i don't get to see Lloyd because matt is stupid and schedules me and the rest of the crew to work on friday when like i said you only need 2 people to close. again like i said i'm telling him tomorrow that i'm working on thursday and i'm taking friday off. i don't care does NOT need me on friday, besides it's not like we're uber busy on fridays anyway. well thank you for reading. it helps me to relieve stress when i can type what's on my mind, what's bothering me, and what's going on in life. later dayz. peace.


[24 Oct 2006|10:19am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay so yesterday was full of craziness. It started in the morning, I woke up like 9:30ish because of Tristian's big mouth. I walked to Circle K to redeem the lottery tickets that Lloyd gave me. Well when I was in there, there was a picture of a guy who is wanted for attempted kidnapping of a 8 year old boy on Front St. Then when I walked out I saw a missing poster of a 14 year old girl who was last at Verde Vale in Anderson. To make matters worse when I was walking back home I was barely out of the parking lot over by the trees across from the parking lot for the laundry mat, when a creepy Mexican guy in a silver car with Oregon plates and a Raider's sticker in the back window drove past me and he stared at me the entire time he drove past it was really weird. Then I was walking along minding my own business and I heard a car behind me when I was on the sidewalk by the gym and I made a huge arc to get away from the sidewalk near the street and low and behold it was the same creepy Mexican. He stopped at the stop sign by the bank across from the one way street by the skate park and he was there for way too long, so I went into the bank and called Chase to come and walk me home. Me, Chase, and Tristian were walking home from the bank at we were almost at the stop sign on the corner by the mail boxes we see a silver car with Oregon plates and a Raider's sticker in the window, I told Chase and Tristian that that is the guy that followed me. I made them walk me to Sentry and I got some stuff, I even got milk for the house how thoughtful of me. I talked to Sunshine for like forever.

I went to work at 1 and met Courtney, she's from Fairfield, she's going to be here until Wednesday. She was there by herself until I got there at 1. It was just the two of us until closing. We had to put price stickers on all of the new releases and then we had to put the sales stickers on the new releases that are on sale. Then we had to put the top 10, and 20 CDs and the top 10, and 20 DVDs on the displays. But we didn't have all the things we needed received and so Courtney just put some Cds and DVDs in its place because you can't have empty spaces.Then we had to put rebate signs everywhere, but we didn't have enough rebate signs for everything. Then we had to close down registers and the deposit and the paperwork for the end of night crap. We didn't get out of there until 10:53 that's what time I clocked out, then we had to walk all the way to the other side of the mall by Macy's to drop the deposit. It seemed like no one did anything Sunday, we didn't receive everything because we didn't have enough time besides that shit should have been received on Sunday that way Monday people can do rebates and set up the displays and shit like that. But whatever dude, they better have been like super mondo busy to not have done the shit they were supposed to do.

OMG!!! I'm totally disgruntled by the way my schedule looks. Last week I was off on Monday, worked Tuesday-Thursday, off Friday and Saturday. Then I call Saturday night to find out when I work on Sunday, to find out I'm off on Sunday, and I work Monday 1-9:30. I look at my schedule last night and I'm off today (Tuesday), work Wednesday 3-9:30, off on Thursday, work Friday 3-9:30, work Saturday 9:30-4. WTF mate?! What kind of shit is that. The schedule said I'm only getting 26 hours this week. But I worked like 2 hours over time that I'm not even going to see. This check is gonna be small again. But 1/2 of it is going into my savings and the rest in my checking. It's not going to be a lot but it'll be a start. With the money in my checking I have to transfer the Clear Wire bill into my name and my account, I might even get a Costco card I'm not sure, or I might get my hair trimmed. Cristian said she could do it but I don't know when she'll be able to do it or where, or if she wants money for it. Well I guess that's all for now. If there's anything else update worthy then you'll know. Later dayz. Peace.

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